Learn English in United States

United States

Studying abroad is the first step in an adventure that will open up a whole new world for you and provide numerous opportunities for your future. There are plenty of courses that you can learn abroad. Many people study English abroad and especially prefer to learn English in United States. United States has state of the art technology that supports learning American culture and English language. It is also famous for its late night fun, tours and sightseeing. It is a country of opportunities. So, come and take this opportunity!

Introduction to ACPA (American center for personal advancement)

Every student has some dreams in his mind after finishing school; some proceed onward to schools and colleges, while others come to redesign their employment aptitudes. Whatever your objectives are, the exceptionally qualified and minding staff and instructors at ACPA are here to guide you. The American Center for Personal Advancement welcomes the students of all ages and countries to an exclusive experience of learning English language and have a true taste of American culture. As an English school, we offer an assortment of various English courses, and in addition test preparation classes like TOEFL, MBA and GRE. You will also take part in school exercises, events and group trips to learn about American society and its way of life. ACPA is located in California, the best place in the United States to have fun and study. Come to ACPA if your goal is to learn English in United States.


ACPA provides English language training to international students who wish to improve their linguistics while experiencing American culture in its native environment. Our staff is highly qualified in providing excellent and new teaching methods from respected universities. Our educational policies attempt to cover a variety of leaners: visual, kinesthetic, auditory, or any combination thereof. This is done by using different educational methods as well as daily fun activities as a school to promote kinesthetic and community language learning; yet simultaneously integrating the four major language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. We learn together!

The American Language Program is a unique educational and cultural experience. Apart from coaching, ACPA provides accommodation to immerse our students in the atmosphere of comfort and luxury. We have large and luxurious rooms and a private chef who will make you a meal of your choice. Our teachers are highly motivated and friendly; they also enjoy talking with students to understand their personal and educational needs. Here at ACPA we offer a unique opportunity to advance your understanding and knowledge of American way of life.